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Behind the Drama

Behind the Drama
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behindthe_drama is a roleplay community for the actors and actresses of Degrassi: The Next Generation. Welcome RPers =]

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1. You must be 15 years old or older, anything younger than that i will reject you. I need maturity in the community and usually people under 15 are more likely to cause OC drama.

2. You must update atleast once a week, anything less than that and you'll be put on cut warning. If you want to update more than once, please do.

3. Comment everybody's journal entries, this is a cast rpg - the cast members like eachother, so there's no excuse not to.

4. You must have a journal ready with a first entry up when you apply, if you don't have a screenname for your character, thats okay...you can make one after you get accepted.

5. Don't do anything overly dramatic, it's a person's real life not the show. I don't want 5 people pregnant and on drugs, that's just completely out of character.

6. So the mod knows you are reading the rules, put "NO MORE DRAMA" somewhere in your application.

7. If you can't update for some reason, contact the mod and tell them. I would feel bad for cutting you, if you were on vacation or sick.

8. The biggest rule, no OOC drama please. Roleplaying is for fun, not for hate.

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open. [[ italics means held, bolded means most needed.]]
Adamo Ruggiero (Marco)
Alex House (Tim)
Andrea Lewis (Hazel)
Dalmar Abuzeid (Danny)
Jake Epstein (Craig)
Jake Goldsbie (Toby)
Jamie Johnson (Peter)
John Bregar (Dylan)
Marc Donato (Derek)
Melissa McIntyre (Ashley)
Mike Lobel (Jay)
Ryan Cooley (JT)
Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty)
Shane Kippel (Spinner)

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Aubrey Graham: grahamcrackerz / AImeM: whickitywhack
Cassie Steele: cassie_chaos / AIM: show me the cass
Daniel Clark: xclark_dannyx / AIM: XxRaverDannyxX
Deanna Casaluce: omg_deanna / AIM: xsweetheartxdeax
Lauren Collins: collins_laurenf / AIM: sparklespazxox
Miriam Mcdonald: teamsharpay / AIM: th1s l0ve 143
Shenae Grimes: grimeshenae / AIM: shenae is here
Stacey Farber: peace_stace / AIM: sarcastic stace

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the fabulous moderator and the lovely affiliates
If you have a problem or a question, instant message me aka
Sam / AIM: yeaahh im famous

If you want to be an affiliate, please contact the mod.